Vaporfection viVape

The brand new viVape Vaporizer employs the most advanced vaporizing technology. This modern Vaporizer offers the user two options: balloon bag or whip. The high-quality forced-air system can fill up any-size balloon bag with rich and flavorful vapor within seconds. The advanced whip delivery system is also simple to use and highly efficient.

3.7 out of 5 from Vape Critic - from the review:
"...I think the vapor produced by the viVape 2 is high quality but there are too many things I dislike about this vape for me to consider it a top contender...."

4.5 out of 5 from Vape Forest - from the review:
"...While initially concerned with the internal fan constantly running during use, we realized that this was of no concern, as the reality is that this is one of the best vaporizers that we here at have reviewed thus far. The quality of vapor produced is phenomenal, on par with that of the Extreme Q and the Volcano...."

5 out of 5 from Vapor Nation - from the review:
"...I love the ability to set the constant temperature to suit my personal taste. The auto cool-down is fast and very impressive as a safety feature. I cant believe how much this enhances the total experience. It was an awesome buy that takes advantage of technology in a very user friendly manner...."

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