Iolite WISPR 2 Vaporizer

This amazing (and small) device features a butane energy source that delivers vapor super efficiently. The WISPR was designed for the Vaporizer User on the go, it requires no flame, cords, wires or batteries. Allowing you to vaporize anywhere in less than a minute, this vaporizer is small, lightweight, and discreet enough to be the perfect accessory for travel or for wherever you want to be.

0.3 out of 5 from Vaporizer Review - from the review:
"...The portability is offset by how conspicuous it is. You have to click the ignition button to get the butane working and it can be a bit loud - the clicking definitely detracted from the subtlety of the device. One benefit is that it doesn't smell, but you will not be able to use it without attracting attention. ..."

3 out of 5 from Vape Forest - from the review:
"...This vaporizer balances heat, strength, and weight by using materials from the cutting edge plastics. If you are looking for a butane-powered handheld vaporizer with a nice looking design, the Wispr might be for you. ..."

4.5 out of 5 from Vapor Nation - from the review:
"...This thing is amazing. It is so much better than smoking it is ridiculous. Actually, any vaporizer will be infinitely better for your lungs anyway but this thing is brilliant. Use good gas, quality processed stock and you will get the most out of this high quality vaporizer...."

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