Ranking of vaporizers

Vaporizers are the best way to enjoy marijuana. Here, we provide a ranked and sortable list of all the top vaporizers, along with reviews from across the web.

Discover which of your friends smoke weed

You enjoy weed. Now you can find out which of your friends also enjoys it. Check out weefr, the graphical analysis of which of your friends are most likely to use marijuana.

Map and ranking of Colorado Stores

Over 100 shops are open now in Colorado, and more will be open soon in Colorado and Washington State. Here, we'll show you where the stores are, what the prices are, and what the customer reviews say about them.

Map of Washington State stores opening in July

Check out which stores in Washington State will be opening in July. We have over 250 stores from Seattle to Olympia. See which ones are opening up near you!

Six Ways To Improve Your High

Getting high on marijuana is wonderful, but there are a few little annoyances we all notice after we've done it a few times. Here's a six hacks to make your high as enjoyable and irritation free as possible.

Weediquette: 5 Weed Rules That You Really Shouldn't Break

Being high can lead to a number of unusual social situations and they all have their own little rules. Here are a few little rules of thumb to stop you from annoying everyone you're getting high with.

The Most Common Pitfalls New For New Pot Users (And How To Avoid Them)

Marijuana can be a great way to unwind and have new and interesting experiences but there are a few mistakes a lot of first time smokers make that could be easily avoided. So here's a handy list for those of you thinking of trying it.

7 States Most Likely to Legalize Marijuana within 5 Years

So far, only two states in the USA have legalized marijuana: Colorado and Washington. However, with the extra revenue produced in both states by the legalization, it's only a matter of time before other states follow suit. Here are the seven states that are most likely to legalize marijuana within the next five years.

Top Ten (Stupid) Reasons Weed Was Banned

There were a whole host of reasons people used to justify banning weed. Although most of these were just from a lack of knowledge. some of them were... well... odd.

Weed Mistakes: Things You Should Never Do High

Being high is a great opportunity to do whole bunch of mundane things and enjoy them as if they're magical adventures. But there are somethings you just shouldn't do, things which never have a positive outcome.

Thousands Die As Drugs Sweep Washington State

Just as predicted, it has taken less than a month for Washington State to be all but destroyed by rampaging drug gangs, addicts and mutated carnivorous cannabis plants.

The Best Ways To Take Marijuana (And Their Effects)

There are many ways to get high and a lot of them have different effects. So here's our list of the best ways to get high and the different ways you'll feel it.

How we all feel the first time we're high

Everyone who has weed has had it for the first time, and there's a whole series of strange and unique thoughts we all have the first time.

Denver Man Admits Smoking Weed Was More Fun When It Was Illegal

James Chester, a marijuana enthusiast living in the Denver area, told reporters Wednesday that he enjoyed getting high more when it was illegal.

Top 7 Thoughts Everyone Has the First Time They Get High

Everyone has a unique story about the thoughts that ran through their head the first time they got high. First-timers experience highs that are more intense than any other they may ever experience in their lives, which makes those thoughts even more real, no matter how silly they may be. Here are the top 7 thoughts people have the first time they smoke weed.

Boulder Great-Grandmother Relives Glory Days When Pot Was Originally Legal

Dolores Hardy, a 91-year-old woman with 12 great-grandchildren, recently told reporters that the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado made her feel like a kid again and remember the days when weed was already legal.

New Colorado Springs Smoker Accepting Potential Obesity

Stating that legal marijuana is just "too damn convenient" and makes food taste "too damn good," Russ Miller, a 28-year-old mechanic living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, told reporters that he has accepted his fate as a potential fat man and that there's nothing he can do to stop it.

The Seven People You'll Meet Whilst High

Getting high is much better with other people and high people all seem to fall into different groups. So here's a list of the different kinds of people you'll meet whilst high.

The Greatest Strain Names (And What They Are)

There are a lot of strangely named marijuana strains out there, many of which have little to tell between them. But sometimes people go all out when they name their new weed. Here's a few of our favorites (and one that's been terribly named).

Basic Joint Rolling For Complete Beginners

Wow! Have you seen some the joints people can role? Unicorns, fighter jets and marijuana leafs oh my! Well you probably won't be able to that first time. In fact you absolutely will not be able to. But never fear! Marillow has you covered with step by step instructions for rolling your first joint.

Top Ten Quotes About Weed

People love talking about marijuana and some people have said some truly great/hilarious things about it. Here's our top ten:

Top 6 Video Games to Play When You're High

Marijuana and video games go together like chocolate and peanut butter (which, coincidentally, also go together with marijuana). There's nothing more relaxing after a hard day of work, school, or unemployment than sparking a bowl, picking up a controller, and immersing yourself in another world for a few hours. That said, here are the 6 best video games to play while high.

Music That We Wouldn't Have Without Weed

Weed and music go together like... well weed and anything creative. Here we cover seven bits of music that simply wouldn't exist without marijuana.

TV Shows That Only Make Sense High

There are some tv shows out there that are just top of the line weird. Seriously top down bizarre. Odd how they all seem to make complete sense whilst high. Here's seven of our favorites.

Problems That Marijuana Users Still Face (Even Where It's Legal)

When a substance goes from illegal for nearly a century to legal there are always going to be a few problems. Unfortunately many people are still facing issues in legal states, that should really have gone away by now.

6 Ways Smoking Weed Just Makes Things Better

Weed can really improve your life in a number of huge ways. Ways that can literally save your life (seriously, the health benefits are incredible) but it can also just make things a bit better.

Five Next Level Joints (For The Artist In All Of Us)

Sure most of us can roll a pretty decent joint at this point, but there are some people who take it to a whole other level. Here are some of the greatest joints you can roll to take things to the next stage.

Terrible Films (That Are Great Whilst High)

So with the new Transformers coming out we're suddenly thinking about terrible films... we don't know why either. Some terrible films work perfectly with a bit of marijuana though so here's a breakdown of our favorite awful films to watch whilst high.

How To Talk To You Parents About Weed

If you're a young adult, or a middle aged adult for that matter, with marijuana as part of your lifestyle there's a good chance you may run into some disapproval, concern or even anger from your parents. But there are many ways you can make things easier for both themselves and you.

Top 6 Mistakes Made by New Smokers

Even the most seasoned pot smokers were once newbies. While daily smokers have their routines down pat, new smokers often make some pretty funny and awkward mistakes while trying to get high--especially if they don't have a veteran smoker to learn from. Here are the top six mistakes that new smokers tend to make.

The States Most Likely To Legalize Weed Next

If you live in the United States anywhere other than Colorado or Washington State then you're pretty screwed as far as legal marijuana goes. But never fear! Here are the states most likely to legalize weed next.

Top Ten Most Popular Marijuana Strains In America

So, what are the most consistently well spoken of, well reviewed and, well, enjoyed strains in the United States today? We've put together a handy list of our top ten.

So It's Going Legal: What To Expect When Your State Legalizes Weed

So pot's going legal in your state. A few things are going to change and probably quite quickly. So here's a handy list so you know what to expect.

The Best Comedies (To Watch Whilst High)

Everyone knows that watching comedies movies is a great way to spend your time when you're high, but what are the best one's to watch?

6 Health Conditions Treated by Marijuana

Cultures have used marijuana for its medicinal purposes for thousands of years, but in America, the use of medical marijuana is still illegal in many states and highly regulated in others. The good news is that marijuana is highly effective at treating a variety of conditions, but the bad news is that millions of people in the U.S. and throughout the world have no legal access to it. That said, here are six conditions that are treated exceptionally well by marijuana.

Where Can You Legally Have Marijuana?

So America seems to be on its way to legalize weed. But if you're going on holiday where can you go in order to have some marijuana legally, apart from Amsterdam obviously, and without fear of prosecution?

Top Ten Reasons Weed Absolutely Must Be Legal

Marijuana has started to be decriminalized in a few US states, but this doesn't go far enough. Here are our top reasons marijuana should, and must, be legal:

Canacooking: Easy Guides For Cooking With Weed

Cooking with cannabis can be one of the best ways to get high. However you really need to know what you're doing or you'll just end up with a slightly weird tasting version of normal food that'll not even get you slightly high.

World Ending Disasters (That Only Happen When You're High)

When you're high there are some things that are just so much more difficult than when you're not. Here are some familiar terrifying, frustrating and life shattering, but ultimately unimportant, moments we've all had whilst high.

Top 7 Movies About Smoking Weed

Ever since Cheech and Chong first started toking it on the big screen in the 1970s, the stoner movie has become its own hit genre. I'm not sure if it's because people simply love marijuana or because they love watching people get high and do dumb stuff. Regardless, here are the top seven movies about smoking weed.

Top 5 Do-It-Yourself Smoking Devices

Although most regular pot smokers have plenty of pipes, bongs, and rolling papers on hand, sometimes you just feel like being a little creative and working with your hands. In that case, what better way to make use of your time than to create your own smoking device. Here are five of the best smoking apparatuses you can make at home.

Six Ways Marijuana Is Becoming Respectable

We've written a lot on this site about the many ways marijuana is still treated as outside the mainstream, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Here're the biggest signs that marijuana is becoming respectable.

7 Best Marijuana-Based Episodes in Television History

Marijuana use has long been a go-to plot device for television writers, and in recent years, it has become its own sub-genre with shows like Weeds and Weed Wars airing on primetime television. This is a list of the seven best marijuana-based episodes in TV history.

The Weed Bucket List

There's a lot of different things you have to try high. If you've spent all your time high eating and watching tv or listening to music then you're really missing out. Here's six things to try high before you die.

6 Politicians Who Admitted to Smoking Pot

Many politicians in the United States seem hell-bent on pressing forward in their campaign to keep marijuana illegal and increase penalties for people who grow it, sell it, smoke it, or buy it. However, not all of their peers share the same viewpoint about marijuana, and in fact, many admit to smoking it themselves. Here's a list of six politicians who have admitted to smoking weed during their younger and more open-minded days.

Top 6 Weirdest Marijuana-Related News Stories

Because of its legal status throughout most of the world and the fact that it sometimes causes people to behave in strange ways, marijuana-related stories have a tendency to end up in the news pretty often. Here are six of the best and weirdest marijuana-related news stories in recent years.

Trial: The Case Of Alcohol V Marijuana

Alcohol is the one drug on the planet most often compared to marijuana. It is also one of the most socially accepted drugs on the planet. Let's look at alcohol and weed, side by side, and see which one is better than the other.

The 6 Types of Stoners You Meet in College

Colleges across the country are set to soon open their doors to new and returning students. Outside of marijuana communes, college is probably the one place with the highest concentration of stoners. Here are the six types of stoners you did or probably will meet when you go off to college.

Great Apps To Improve Your High

So you've heard of phone apps right? They're like computer programs but for your phone. They're kind of popular. Not ringing any bells? Well did you you know that their are apps specifically geared towards high people?

Top 7 Reasons to Smoke Weed in Colorado

Colorado residents (well, most of them) are still celebrating the fact that marijuana is now legal in their state. Yes, a decades-old battle waged by marijuana smokers and personal liberty enthusiasts has finally been won. Now that victory is achieved, here are seven reasons why Coloradans and people from around the world should smoke in the Centennial State.

The Five Strangest Marijuana Related Crimes

In most places in the world marijuana is still illegal. This means countless people are arrested for possession and dealing everyday. But some people are not happy to go down on a normal, everyday charge. Some people have decided if they're going to commit a crime, they may as well make it interesting.

Top things to do when high

What do you do now that you're high? Check out the list of top videos, sites, and conversation topics for when you're enjoying marijuana. You can also vote on ideas and add your own.

Ranking of marijuana foods

Many stores sell food and deserts that have marijuana bakes in them (edibles). Check here for a full ranking of edibles, based on cost and reviews. You can sort the list and influence the ranking by liking an edible on Facebook or writing a review.

The College Marijuana NIGHTMARE

Has your child just gone off to college? Are you scared yet? Did you know that about 71% of college kids try marijuana? ARE YOU SCARED NOW!?!?

Bill O'Reilly Forgets The Internet Is A Thing

Bill O'Reilly carries out a brilliant plan that would have worked perfectly twenty-five years ago.

Racist Seattle Cop Arrests 80% Of Marijuana Users

You know how we like to do joke articles? Yeah, this isn't one of them.