Palm Vaporizer

This compact unit features an all-glass air path that ensures the best tasting vapor possible. If youre in a hurry, the Palm Vaporizer can reach vaporizing temperatures in under 5 seconds. This unit features an advanced design where the heating element snaps into a ceramic holder which means that no plastic is ever involved with the air path. The Palm also has a removable and replaceable screen that makes maintaining it very easy.

2 out of 5 from Vape Forest - from the review:
"...One of the cheaper vaporizers available, but the quality of the vapor is generally substandard especially compared to other options...."

3.9 out of 5 from Vapor Nation - from the review:
"...Great idea, just doesnt produce sustainable heat where you get a nice draw of vapor. Looks nice and its durable, but theres no way of knowing the temperature...."

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