The Most Common Pitfalls New For New Pot Users -And How To Avoid Them-

The Most Common Pitfalls New For New Pot Users (And How To Avoid Them)

Marijuana can be a great way to unwind and have new and interesting experiences but there are a few mistakes a lot of first time smokers make that could be easily avoided. So here’s a handy list for those of you thinking of trying it.

Smoke It Where It’s Legal

Nothing spoils a good time faster than worrying about the police. In some parts of the world this is really worth worrying about as penalties for possession can include years in prison. There are now several places in the world where you can try weed without fear and this is an absolute must for a smokers new and experienced.

Enjoy It With Friends (Preferably With Experience)

It’s always better when trying something new to be surrounded by people you trust. If you’re with someone who’s had experience with marijuana then it’s even better as they can talk you through everything if you’re a bit worried. Plus, some of the conversations you have whilst high are just fantastic.

Be Somewhere You’re Comfortable

If possible have it at home, if not then make sure you’re somewhere with a good atmosphere. Atmosphere’s and vibes effect you way more when you’re high so if you’re somewhere good you’ll feel good and vice versa. So a nice coffee shop is good, a public execution not so much.

Keep Things Cheery

If you’re getting high for the first time you’ll want a nice chilled out atmosphere. Comedy is always great and action films can be a lot of fun, as can documentaries full of animals and beautiful landscape shots. But maybe stay away from anything too grisly or serious. Some people enjoy this sort of thing whilst high but many others react badly. Since it’s you’re first time it’s worth keeping things light and happy.

Know What You’re Having

Make sure you have a decent idea what it is you’re having. If you’re with experienced friends ask them what to expect and if you’re buying it yourself ask the shop assistant for a recommendations. What you’re looking for is something relatively weak and preferably of the satvia strain. This will lead to a nice relaxed high without too many strong sensations too soon which is ideal for a first timer.

Take It Slow

Don’t rush right into taking too much. It’s the same idea as alcohol where you should start with a bit of beer or wine and not with six shots of vodka. If you take too much too fast you will not have a good time, period. So unless you want to end up the subject of a hilarious story your friends all tell the next day, take your time.

If You Have Too Much...

If you take too much and start feeling uncomfortable or panicky don’t worry. Take deep breaths and feel free to tell someone with you that you’re not feeling very well. The most important thing to remember is that you’re absolutely fine. You might feel a bit weird but nothing is physically wrong with you, you’ve done no damage to your body or your brain and you’re certainly not going to die. But you’re friends will probably laugh at you the next day. Got to know you’re limits.

Don’t Do It If You Don’t Want To

If you’re having weed because you feel pressured into it then you shouldn’t have it. Simple as that. If you don’t feel comfortable with the very idea of having marijuana then there’s no way you’ll have a good time. Marijuana can be a great social lubricant and can lead to an absolutely fantastic time but people who do it when they don’t want to do not have fun.