Frequently Asked Questions for Weefr

What is the Weefr (the Weed Friend Report)?
Weefr is a simple tool that analyzes your Facebook friends and determines, for each one, the likelihood that they use marijuana.

The tool uses data and analysis from your friends' Facebook profile to determine the likelihood that they use weed.  

How do you know which of my friends use weed?
We use extensive survey data that shows what percentage of people in specific demographic categories use weed.  We apply that data to the profile information about your friends and show the results.

Will you post on my facebook feed or contact my friends?
No, absolutely not.  In fact, when you sign in via facebook, our app doesn't even ask for these permissions.  The only way for you to share our tool with your friends is if you click one of the sharing links on your completed dashboard.

What if I think your data is wrong?
Tell us!  For each friend, there's a link to agree or disagree with our assessment.  We use the input to adjust and improve our methodology.

Why are some of my friends missing from your report?
We only show friends where there's enough data available to make a informed guess.  For most people, we can get enough basic information about 2/3 of their friends.

You say a specific friend of mine is 80% likely to smoke weed.  Should I assume my friend smokes weed?
Of course not.  Even if something is 80% likely to be true, there's a 1 in 5 chance it's not.  

What's a safe way to start a conversation with a friend about marijuana?
The Weed Friend Finder is a great way to get this information, but if you want another option, you can bring up related topics and get their reaction.  For example, "What do you think of the marijuana legalization stuff going on?"  or "Did you hear about the marijuana vending machines?"  Current topics can help flesh out your freinds' opinions without broadcasting your own.