About Us

Welcome to Marillow!

Marillow is a fun and friendly resource for people interested in legal marijuana in the United States (currently just Washington State and Colorodo.)

We're not potheads.  We're not marijuana scientists.  We're normal people with good jobs and families.  We enjoy marijuana like we enjoy an occasional nice glass of red wine.  

Why use Marillow?  For casual users (or people just considering it), two reasons:  First, we're the best resource for finding stores in your area for purchasing marijuana.  We will also have great information about each store and the products they sell.  We're also geared towards the casual user (instead of details about 100 strains, we may just recommend a few and focus more on the fun/food stuff like cookies and brownies.)

Second, we're a great resource for shopping and buying marijuana accessories.  Again, we're about casual users.  So we'll curate the 1000s of available accessories, and only show you the best stuff at the lowest prices.  (Of course, the best stuff changes, so check back often!)