GGG Vaporizer

The GGG Vaporizer is a triple use pen-style vape that allows you to vaporize your favorite oils, wax and dry herbs. It includes a high-quality herb chamber that is used for vaporizing your dry herbs with efficiency. A liquid oil tank is also included for vaporizing your favorite marijuana oils. The GGG is very simple to operate and reaches vaporizing temperatures within a matter of seconds.

2.3 out of 5 from Vapor Nation - from the review:
"...This was my first vaporizer pen I bought,. I thought that for $90 it would be well made and it was 3/1 in which you know could come in handy. Its not well made just for the fact of the power button. It is made of rubber that encompasses the the pen. The power button has has a crimped edge around it which rips easily. Ive had this only three days when the thing finally broke as the rubber piece ripped and no longer had a connection to the micro-processor. ..."

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