Arizer Solo Vaporizer

The Arizer Solo from Canada is easy and fun to use. It also gives temperature levels for tailoring the varporizing experience. It includes a powerful Lithium battery that works fro 4 hours and can be quickly recharged. This vaporizer is light weight, long lasting, and is a common favorite among portable devices.

This product include the charger, mouthpiece, and everything you need to enjoy the Arizer Solo.

4.4 out of 5 from Vaporizer Review - from the review:
"...The Arizer Solo is a high quality vaporizer that is great for large clouds and strong hits. The long battery life lasts the whole day. Thought not the most discreet vaporizer, the vapor production is well worth it...."

4.5 out of 5 from Vape Forest - from the review:
"...If you are looking for a portable that is reliable and consistently produces high quality vapor on demand, then the Solo is for you. It's not very portable, however, the quality of vapor, ease of use, rapid heating, low maintenance, and overall reliability makes this one of the best portable vaporizers available...."

4.9 out of 5 from Vapor Nation - from the review:
"...This is by far the best portable vaporizer I've ever used and I strongly recommend its purchase to anyone interested...."

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