Vaporizers: The easiest way to use marijuana

When choosing a vaporizer, there are many things to consider, including price, quality, and style.  The prices are in the list below, and the reviews and ratings can give you a sense of quality.   The style is also important, and there are a few common categories: 

  • Portable (can fit in your pocket or purse)
  • Desktop (not portable and you inhale through a tube or "whip")
  • Balloon (not portable and you inhale through a "balloon bag")
  • Multifunctional (not portable, and you can inhale through a tube, whip, or ballon.) 

Of course, most vaporizers are good, and people often choose based on how it looks.  We encourage you to scan through the list, find ones that look good to you, and then learn more by clicking the links (you can see the reviews in full as well as write your own.)

Also, just added: Weefr, the graphical analysis of which of your friends smoke weed

Are we missing a vaporizer?  Let us know!  

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