Review of V2 Pro Vaporizer March 13 2015, 0 Comments

I recently got a V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer.  Here's a quick review.

Overall, it's a great vaporizer.  Very easy to use.  Charged very quickly and it's similar in look/feel to the V2 Pro (smaller version) but holds more marijuana, lasts longer, and feels sturdier.  

Though it's less portable then a typical pen vape (it's a lot thicker) it's still very easy to carry and the vapor is incredible.  It's on the hot side, but it's super effective.  

The quality of the device is also great.  I think this might be my standard go-to vaporizer for awhile.  Like the V2 Pro, it has the sleek red-to-yellow-to-green light visuals for when it's heating which is really nice.  Charging is easy too.

Currently sells for just under $150.  Good deal for a mid-range high quality portable vaporizer.