Football marijuana sort-of Super Bowl January 18 2015, 0 Comments

Is football more enjoyable when high?  Yes, as getting high makes watching just about anything more enjoyable.  

Last year, we had the marijuana super bowl, with the only two states with recreational pot represented in the Super Bowl (Colorado and Washington State).

What's it look like so far this year?  Here's the table:

 Team State and current law
Seattle Seahawks Washington - LEGAL
Greenbay Packers Wisconsin - ILLEGAL
Indianapolis Colts Indiana - ILLEGAL but decriminalized in small amounts
New England Patriots Massachusetts - medical use legal and recreational use decriminalized in small amounts


So 2 of the four teams are in states with at least some legality. Based on the odds (with the Seahawks and Patriots winning), we're likely to have a sort-of-marijuana super bowl. If you're in Boston, start working on getting your medical marijuana card.