Diane Feinstein, Democratic Senator from California, is an idiot January 15 2015, 0 Comments

That's the best you can say of the democratic and theoretically liberal Senator from California.  According to the LA Times, the 81 year old is resolute in her opposition to legal marijuana.  

Her reasons?

  • "We're seeing signs that the US's position on drug control issues has weakened."  Not sure what this means exactly.  She didn't explain it.
  • "No one at the Justice Department has initiated a centralized effort to measure the overall effect of these laws."  There have been a myriad of past and ongoing studies.  Not sure how important it is for a study effort to be "centralized" or if she even asked the Justice Department about this.  
  • And finally, it appears to violate a United Nations treaty the U.S. signed that is a linchpin of international drug control efforts.  Huh?  Are other countries complaining about what's happening in Colorado and Washington State?  Can she even start to imagine questioning putting US citizens' welfare about a misguided interpretation of a decades old treaty?

Diane needs to retire and pass the baton to someone who can faithfully represent the citizens of California.