The first marijuana vending machine in Colorado April 13 2014, 1 Comment

Well...  not yet really...  according to the article, the new machine, called "Zazz" was just on display (see picture below) and they plan to actually use it for medical marijuana users in Eagle county.

The vending machine will just include edibles (see full ranked list of edibles here) and will be just available for medical marijuana patience with a valid id.  I would imagine it would just be inside a medical marijuana dispencary, so you won't see these any time soon in your local mall or by the super market.  

Reminds me of the old cigarette vending machines.  They curtailed those in the early 80s when people woke up to the fact that kids could easily buy them.  i imagine these machines too - especially if they're selling kid-enticing deserts - will only be inside tightly controlled stores for awhile (which is a good thing.)