A month in, Colorado still thinks legal pot is a good idea February 12 2014, 0 Comments

According to a Quinnipiac survey conducted a survey of 1,139 registered voters from Jan 29th to Feb 2nd, Colorado hasn't changed its mind about legal marijuana - in fact, legalization is slightly more popular than before.  A few of the more interesting stats:

  • 53% approve of Colorado's marijuana policy.  Democrats love it (74% agree), Republicans hate it (32% agree), and independents prefer it (48% agree vs. 37% disagree.)  58% overall specifically say they still support legalization (up from 55% which was the vote for the initiative.)
  • 51% say it's been bad for Colorado's image.  I think this is more a reflection of being first.  It's hard being first, and with all the national attention around this one issue for this one state, Colorado probably feels like marijuana is what's defining the state (which I agree is kind of weird.)
  • 10% claimed they've used marijuana since January 1.  10% of the whole population got high in the last month?    It's hard to say if this is a lot since we don't have any trend data, but it feels like a lot. 

Overall, good news that affirms public opinion in Colorado hasn't changed much (and even shifted more in favor of legalization.)  A sign that the process has gone very well in the state.