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Just about everyone thinks marijuana should be legal

June 19 2015, 0 Comments

According to Topical Winds, pretty much all influential writers and pundits think marijuana should be legal.  

The majority of the public wants pot to be legal.  Experts think it should be legal.  

Republicans with the exception of Rand Paul are a definite no on legalization.  

The question is: Of the 3 possibilities (Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders), who will come out first for legalization?  Especially for longer-shots like Rand and Bernie, I can't imagine what the downside would be of taking a leadership position on this popular side.

Review of V2 Pro Vaporizer

March 13 2015, 0 Comments

I recently got a V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer.  Here's a quick review.

Overall, it's a great vaporizer.  Very easy to use.  Charged very quickly and it's similar in look/feel to the V2 Pro (smaller version) but holds more marijuana, lasts longer, and feels sturdier.  

Though it's less portable then a typical pen vape (it's a lot thicker) it's still very easy to carry and the vapor is incredible.  It's on the hot side, but it's super effective.  

The quality of the device is also great.  I think this might be my standard go-to vaporizer for awhile.  Like the V2 Pro, it has the sleek red-to-yellow-to-green light visuals for when it's heating which is really nice.  Charging is easy too.

Currently sells for just under $150.  Good deal for a mid-range high quality portable vaporizer.

Rip off Ohio: Anatomy of a stupid anti-marijuana effort

February 07 2015, 0 Comments

You can check out the bare bones site now:

It will give a flavor of what we're up against.  Fortunately, it's not much. They realize that the health concern isn't working, so now they're trying to make you think that - somehow - legal marijuana will cost you money.  Their biggest piece of evidence so far is this ominous stock photo:


Beyond the fact that you could replace that marijuana cigarette with a beer or a tobacco cigarette and have the same effect, it's not clear to me how these two stoned individuals are going to cost you money.  Maybe it's somehow cheaper to put them on trial and then in prison?  Or perhaps the idea is that, if only marijuana wasn't legal, these two people would be upstanding job creators?

Google Trends and "legal pot"

January 29 2015, 0 Comments

Two interesting things from Google Trends.  As you can see from the chart below, searches for "legal pot" have been on an upward trend over the last few years:

 The 3 biggest recent spikes are from (in order) the 2012 election, January 2014 when recreational pot first became legal, and the 2014 election.

The other interesting trend is if you look at those searches by state:

Not surprisingly, Colorado and Washington State are the top 2.  Oregon and New Hampshire, with recent legal pot developments (former via November 2014 vote and the latter via a legislative push) are #3 and #4.

But what about Nebraska (with a score of 60, tied for #6)?  The high score suggests there's at least some interest among Nebraskans re: where to get legal pot - probably across the border in Colorado.  Also interesting that a bunch of states in the Southeast score high - suggesting also some interest in the Republican strongholds.  (Though to be clear, it's possible - though unlikely - that lots of people are searching for "legal pot" but against it.)

Marijuana SuperBowl

January 22 2015, 0 Comments

In less than 2 weeks, we'll have the Seattle Seahawks (marijuana completely legal) against the New England Patriots (medical marijuana legal and recreational marijuana is decriminalized.)

Not quote the marijuana Superbowl from 2014 (where Seattle played Denver) but it's pretty close.  

When I went to a recreational shop in Seattle recently, I asked when their biggest sales days are.  He said, without hesitation, on big game days.  I don't quite get the benefit of watching a super important game you care about high - seems like the game itself would be enjoyable enough without adding to it, but I guess as an alternative to beer/alcohol, it makes sense.

Regardless, it's good that there's a lot of pot supply in Washington State, because stores are going to sell a lot of it really soon.

Football marijuana sort-of Super Bowl

January 18 2015, 0 Comments

Is football more enjoyable when high?  Yes, as getting high makes watching just about anything more enjoyable.  

Last year, we had the marijuana super bowl, with the only two states with recreational pot represented in the Super Bowl (Colorado and Washington State).

What's it look like so far this year?  Here's the table:

 Team State and current law
Seattle Seahawks Washington - LEGAL
Greenbay Packers Wisconsin - ILLEGAL
Indianapolis Colts Indiana - ILLEGAL but decriminalized in small amounts
New England Patriots Massachusetts - medical use legal and recreational use decriminalized in small amounts


So 2 of the four teams are in states with at least some legality. Based on the odds (with the Seahawks and Patriots winning), we're likely to have a sort-of-marijuana super bowl. If you're in Boston, start working on getting your medical marijuana card.

Diane Feinstein, Democratic Senator from California, is an idiot

January 15 2015, 0 Comments

That's the best you can say of the democratic and theoretically liberal Senator from California.  According to the LA Times, the 81 year old is resolute in her opposition to legal marijuana.  

Her reasons?

  • "We're seeing signs that the US's position on drug control issues has weakened."  Not sure what this means exactly.  She didn't explain it.
  • "No one at the Justice Department has initiated a centralized effort to measure the overall effect of these laws."  There have been a myriad of past and ongoing studies.  Not sure how important it is for a study effort to be "centralized" or if she even asked the Justice Department about this.  
  • And finally, it appears to violate a United Nations treaty the U.S. signed that is a linchpin of international drug control efforts.  Huh?  Are other countries complaining about what's happening in Colorado and Washington State?  Can she even start to imagine questioning putting US citizens' welfare about a misguided interpretation of a decades old treaty?

Diane needs to retire and pass the baton to someone who can faithfully represent the citizens of California.

Washington State grows TOO MUCH marijuana

January 10 2015, 0 Comments

In an unusual circumstance in the new world of legal marijuana, Washington State now actually has too much marijuana in stock.

As a result, the price of legal weed is dropping, and dropping fast.  Wholesale prices (what the growers charge to retail stores) is half of what it was just a few months ago.  Growers in fact grew as much as 10 times the amount than is actually selling in stores.

This choppiness and unpredictability between supply and demand is a mostly a reflection of a new market.  Demand is really hard to predict for something still so new (and which still has a fair amount of taboo associated with it.)  Growers also may have thought that demand was essentially limitless (like Apple producing as many iphones 6 as possible, knowing they'll sell whatever they can create.)

Fortunately, the oversupply won't go to waste.  Kept well, marijuana can last over 6 months.  Suppliers will just have a fair amount of their cash tied up in inventory until the demand catches up.

Growing marijuana instead of prisons

January 06 2015, 0 Comments

Great story from about a jail that might be transformed into a marijuana farm.  It's hard to imagine rationale people arguing this is a bad thing, especially when the people we're no longer locking up were simply non-violent drug "offenders".

In a related sign of the apocalypse, NYPD officers staged a protest (over people pointing out that some cops who actually do really bad things are bad and should be punished) by only making absolutely essential arrests.  The result was a 95% drop in the arrest rate.  So they stopped arresting for minor drug offenses and amazingly, New York City survived.

I think we can see the tide turning (finally!) on the decades-long and long-ago-lost drug war...

Marijuana use up in states where it's legal

December 31 2014, 0 Comments

Not a surprising result.  Fortunately, the public attitude towards marijuana has shifted so significantly that most people don't view this as a bad thing (much less a crisis.)  The longer term questions to look out for are if marijuana-related fatalities will go up (they won't) or if alcohol-related fatalities will go down (so far, they are in Colorado.)  

Shifting consumption from a really harmful thing (alcohol) to a much more innocuous thing (pot) is not surprisingly... a good thing.