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Map and ranking of marijuana stores

Over 100 shops are open now in Colorado, and more will be open soon in Colorado and Washington State. Here, we'll show you where the stores are, what the prices are, and what the customer reviews say about them.

Ranking of vaporizers

Vaporizers are the best way to enjoy marijuana. Here, we provide a ranked and sortable list of all the top vaporizers, along with reviews from across the web.

Top things to do when high

What do you do now that you're high? Check out the list of top videos, sites, and conversation topics for when you're enjoying marijuana. You can also vote on ideas and add your own.

Ranking of marijuana foods

Many stores sell food and deserts that have marijuana bakes in them (edibles). Check here for a full ranking of edibles, based on cost and reviews. You can sort the list and influence the ranking by liking an edible on Facebook or writing a review.

Discover which of your friends smoke weed

You enjoy weed. Now you can find out which of your friends also enjoys it. Check out a graphical analysis of which of your friends are most likely to use marijuana.